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Welcome to SongTrees
SongTrees is a creative concept that provides musical opportunities, training and performances to enhance the life experiences of young people, their friends, families and teachers.

Its ground-breaking work facilitates generational and community connectivity, both locally and globally.

SongTrees has been created and pioneered by Dr Chika Robertson, co-founder of the Music Mind Spirit Trust.  MMST is a charity dedicated to highlighting the positive and practical benefits music and the arts play in health, education and personal growth.

SongTrees delivers attentive, engaging and highly enjoyable music-centered activity and Programmes that are accessible and inclusive to all regardless of musical background.



National Gardens Scheme



Our Award winning gardens will be open for charity for the August Bank Holiday weekend


Sunday 24th & Monday 25th

1pm - 6pm each da

Music featuring gifted & talented young musicians from SongTrees

August 24th
Isabelle & Sophie Kauer
Francesca & Georgina Pickering
Isidora Sandulovska

August 25th
Erin Holder & Phoebe Honey

special guest appearance:

Mellow Baku

Tea and home-made cakes
disabled access


Spiced Apple Chutney made from our garden's apple trees

will be availabe for sale