SongTrees is a Music Mind Spirit Trust programme.


The Music Mind Spirit Trust is a charitable organisation that brings together inspirational Musicians, Medics and Scientists dedicated to sharing and researching the gift of music. The Trust uses music to understand social relationships and to connect people of different communities, ages and cultures. It focuses on music as a key to empower individuals and unlock creativity through a variety of uniquely designed, research-based initiatives, drawing from its high-level musical, medical, scientific and educational knowledge and experience.

Oxford XXI is a think tank and research body founded by Dr Lyudmila Nurse, a sociologist with over 25 years of experience in research in respected institutions on culture and identity, biographical, generational and cohort studies, and Christopher Nurse, a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and a legal and financial consultant, who has worked on investment and major restructuring, projects, legal and privatization studies and technical assistance programs for multinational companies and bodies.

The European Cultural Parliament (ECP) is a membership organisation for citizens of Europe involved in the fields of arts and culture. Its purpose is to strengthen the role of cultural and artistic ideas in the debate on the future of Europe. Its work incorporates letters for dialogue, discussions and debate on crucial and burning issues of importance for European co-operation. The ECP offers a forum for regular debate as well as a meeting place, where networks, ideas and initiatives are created.

Kuumba Youth Music is a music organization working with young people of all abilities who wish to progress their musical ability and understanding. Based in the East End of London, the organization is led by and serves an ethnically diverse population. The organization benefits from a highly dedicated and effective executive and management board that reflects the enthusiasm and ambitions of the talented young musicians.

The Royal Academy of Music is an institution with a global reputation for excellence and innovation. The oldest conservatoire in the UK, the Royal Academy can with confidence claim to embody and provide the highest quality music tuition across Europe and the rest of the world. The Academy has a strong commitment to expanding music participation through working with other organisations and in community environments. SongTrees's main cohort of Young Artist Musical Ambassadors are from the Junior Academy, Royal Academy of Music.



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