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Set up in 2004, SongTrees uses music as a means to harness the ability of individuals and collective communities to bring about positive and sustainable change.

Since our inception we have worked with schools, music groups, young musicians, local communities (in the UK and Europe), all with the underlying themes of using music to explore identity and stimulate creative ability.

Central to our ethos is to deliver bespoke projects and programmes that enable participants to discover and create musical narratives and journeys that are reflective of their personalities, culture, experiences and ambitions.


Its Young Artist Musical Ambassadors' (YAMA) main cohort bridges together leading musicians aged 11-25 from the

Royal Academy of Music, National Youth Orchestra and

University of Oxford.


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Dr J C Robertson
The Old Farmhouse, Hermongers Lane

RH12 3AL

+44 (0)1403 824034



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