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SongTrees' Musical Memories connects families and different generations through shared musical experiences. Children, their parents and grandparents come together to explore musical memories and the formative tunes that define their individual and collective experiences and identities.

The Musical Memories Programme uses the natural curiosity and enthusiasm of children and young people to discover (through interviews) the musical heritage, history and memories of their own and older generations (e.g. parents and grandparents). Using a specially devised questionnaire, young people 'interview' their older relatives. Information is exchanged, their meanings and significance explored. The SongTrees questionnaire results are collated and shared through unique performance events.

The result is a fascinating insight into people and communities. As well as its intergenerational qualities, 3G Musical Memories is a tried-and-tested creative technique that also allows, encourages and stimulates interaction across different cultures and social cohorts.

SongTrees' 3G Musical Memories has been delivered through joint projects bridging together private, state primary and special needs schools in the South East, with a particular emphasis on intergenerational sharing and healthy living principles. Children learned to live healthier lifestyles through specially commissioned SongTrees 'healthy living' songs (promoted through 'the national programme 'Sing Up'), whilst exploring their cultural heritage through music, dances and recipes. The projects demonstrated the significance of physical health and emotional well-being powerfully through the sharing of musical preferences and experiences.






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