We believe that all young people, regardless of their background or circumstances, should receive the highest levels of support to maximise their abilities in and enjoyment of music. This is particularly significant for those young people who possess a level of skill and ability that opens opportunities for them to experience music and excel in their field.

We have devised a range of programmes that provides support for children and young people who have been identified as possessing the talent, ability, determination and ambition to reach the highest levels in music.

Targeted at young musicians who have reached a musical standard equivalent to Grade 5 and above, our Nurturing Young Talent strand provides carefully selected performance and practice regimes to stimulate the skills and abilities of promising young musicians. It includes activities that broaden their understanding and builds on their ambitions and future plans, all within a sensitive and supportive environment where young people receive bespoke guidance to maximise their interests and abilities to fulfil their musical talent and potential.


The SongTrees Academy



Dr J C Robertson
The Old Farmhouse, Hermongers Lane

RH12 3AL

+44 (0)1403 824034


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