Our Professional Development modules offer ‘tried and tested’ techniques that maximise learning and development for teachers and tutors working in music education. Whether the need is to ensure teaching practices and methods are up-to-date, acquire new skills, prepare for a new role or responsibilities, or broaden knowledge and abilities, we have a development programme that meets the highest standards and potential.

We work in partnership with leading tutors, lecturers, writers and academics from music education. Our professional development modules offer significant and tangible benefits for enhancing a career in music education.

We carefully assess the needs of participants to determine their professional needs and learning styles. Central in this process are the individuals' reflections on personal development and a corresponding structured plan for their continued progress. We aim to develop a relationship with musicians built on trust and understanding, ensuring that outcomes for the programme meet their expectations in learning and development.

We are committed to ensuring young people have access to teachers and tutors who themselves have the right knowledge and skills to engage with them effectively. To achieve this goal we constantly and continuously review and adapt our approach and delivery to professional development.




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