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We are providers of engaging music-based projects and Programmes for young people, adults and the elderly. Our Programme strands include activity that is suitable for those whose involvement is vocational, as well as those whose interest and involvement in music is mainly as a hobby or for entertainment.


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Whether your involvement in music is in a professional capacity or more informal, we believe passionately in the ability of music, performance, creation, appreciation and education to impact positively on life.

At the core of the SongTrees activity is the use of music as a tool to enhance life experiences. We have two core strands of activity to achieve this aim:

1. SongTrees 'Musical Memories', and the

2. 'Young Artist Musical Ambassadors' (YAMA) Musical Leadership Programme.

Utilising these two themes we work with communities, schools, music groups, education institutions and health providers. We devise projects and Programmes that provide engaging and highly enjoyable creative activity, making the appreciation and performance of music accessible to all, including the Gifted and Talented. A key characteristic of our approach is to work with our clients and partners to ensure the Programmes are reflective of those who take part.






Dr J C Robertson
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